Home Staging Goes Beyond Decorating and Cleaning...

Home StagingIt is about adding the small details and dressing the house for sale. Staging makes the house look bigger, brighter and warmer; making home buyers WANT to buy it.

 Professional Stagers are highly skilled artisans. They possess skills of a top level designer without breaking the bank. Stagers create dramatic visuals that appeal to all five senses.

 The idea behind staging is to allow the rooms of a house to show potential and what they truly have to offer a buyer. A vacant, un-staged, home is a home without a soul and buyers sense this. You will also need to make sure the outside of your home and especially the front entrance is warm and inviting.  Make the buyer want to walk inside your home!

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I would like to tell you my story as a Realtor trying to help a family find a new home.  As a Realtor, you normally will find a happy family excited about finding their new home.  Now lets add one defining fact....one daughter is in a wheelchair.  I have been a real estate agent for almost 17 years.  This situation has come up from time to time, but never with a child. 

I had never realized until this past month just how difficult it is to  maneuver around in many homes.  You would think that the newer homes might have some considerations such as a bathroom door wide enough to accommodate a child's wheelchair!  Not so!  So many floorplans have spacious kitchens, open floor plans, and all the most modern conveniences.....except access to the…

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