Choosing an Expert Equestrian REALTOR®

Some horse farm buyers often make the mistake of simply going with the real estate agent who is advertising a listing they’re interested in.  Or, you may have searched for a potential property and you somehow ended up speaking with a non-equestrian agent who offered to show you properties.  If you are a seller, you may find yourself in a difficult position of having a friend or family member who is a real estate agent, but lacks the knowledge of an equestrian REALTOR.  Without asking the right questions of the agent, you can soon find yourself shopping for horse properties with a REALTOR® who may not fully understand the needs of horses and horse owners. For the seller, not having an Equestrian REALTOR can…

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Seller Occupancy After Closing 

  I want to tell everyone a little story about Occupancy After Closing and why it is so important from a buyer's position to have a written document.  Not to long ago, I represented a buyer who purchased a home in Hendersonville, Tennessee located in a popular lakeside community.  

Occupancy After Closing

 Because the seller was building a new home, part of their negotiations to my buyer was that they would like to occupy the home for 3 days after closing in hopes that their nearly finished new home would be ready to move in.

Get it In Writing!

My buyers agreed and we prepared an Occupancy After Closing document that we presented to the sellers and they agreed to sign.  Many times agents and buyers/sellers do not write up a…

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