I would like to tell you my story as a Realtor trying to help a family find a new home.  As a Realtor, you normally will find a happy family excited about finding their new home.  Now lets add one defining fact....one daughter is in a wheelchair.  I have been a real estate agent for almost 17 years.  This situation has come up from time to time, but never with a child. 

I had never realized until this past month just how difficult it is to  maneuver around in many homes.  You would think that the newer homes might have some considerations such as a bathroom door wide enough to accommodate a child's wheelchair!  Not so!  So many floorplans have spacious kitchens, open floor plans, and all the most modern conveniences.....except access to the…

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Not Familiar With How a Septic System Works?

 Wondering what you should do when you purchase a home that is not connected to public sewer?

If you are working with REALTOR, he/she should be aware of the laws regarding septic tank disclosures and make sure your offer/contract addresses the septic system.

Purchasing a Home With a Septic Tank

In the Tennessee area, septic systems are based on number of bedrooms, not bathrooms.  The tank holds the solid waste and the liquids drain from the tank out into the field lines(filled with gravel and also underground) The number of field lines determines the number of bedrooms that the system can handle. One field line per bedroom.  The bedroom measurement is used rather than bathrooms as it is a measure of how many people can typically live…

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Rumba Down

My husband and I have owned horses for over 25 years.  They live with us on our farm in Tennessee.  Most of our horse years, we traveled all over the country riding trails and seeing scenery that you can only begin to imagine.  We have been to some beautiful places in this great Country of ours.

In 2014 my husband and I decided to stop taking such long trips with horses and concentrate on events and places more local.  We actually have two horses that have traveled over 300,000 miles, in the trailer.  It was that year that we decided to go to some local horse shows just to be spectators.  It wasn’t long that we got the show bug and decided to start showing. The event that my husband was most interested in was the Working Cow Horse Classes.  To…

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SOLD!!This rare find Goodlettsville TN home for sale under $250000 in 37075 is ready for you! The location is ideal and there is a huge detached garage workshop in addition to the basement 2 car garage and a large carport.  There is plenty of driveway parking for entertaining. 

This home is coming soon and will most likely sell immediately as it is priced at $239,500.  Please contact your agent or myself to learn more about the property and be one of the first ones to view it as it comes on the market.  

Looking for a Basement?

This home is located on a shady dead end street, in a convenient subdivision in Goodlettsville TN. This jewel of a home has 2132 square feet including 3 bedrooms, a finished basement with half bath that is plumbed for a…

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Contingency Contracts

home contingency contracts As a REALTOR, I get many calls from buyers who have found a house on line and want to get more information.  So many times I have to tell them that the house is already under contract.  Yes, our Nashville TN area real estate is booming and many houses are under contract.  

The issue is that buyers are looking on 3rd party websites that do not show that a home is under a contingency contract and are still showing as Active.  This is because the listing agent will not toggle the listing as a Pending until the buyer contingencies have been satisfied. Those contingencies could be inspection period, financing, or buyer has a home to sell.  The listing agent wants to protect his/her seller and make sure the house remains on the…

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square footage in a homeWhen purchasing a home in the Middle Tennessee area, remember that bigger is not always better when determining usable square footage.  Many buyers feel that the total square footage of a home determines their usable space. Not so.  Smaller houses can actually be bigger. How? By having more usable linear footage, than square footage.
 • Linear footage is length of each usable wall in a room.
 • Square footage is determined by outside dimensions of heated living space(excluding 2 story foyers, garages, etc. which is not living space) (Over garage bonus rooms are measured differently) Buyers are encouraged to measure wall space rather than concentrate on the total square footage of a home. • Is it a floor plan with little or no wasted space or does the home…

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Visit me online at www.equinehomesbykimblanton.com

Some horse farm buyers often make the mistake of simply going with the real estate agent who is carrying a listing they’re interested in.  Who you choose to represent you is very important - you don’t have to use the listing agent to represent you.  Many times that listing agent is not an equestrian or an equestrian real estate specialist.  

And, having a separate buyer's agent, particularly one who specializes in equestrian property, will give you a representative who is acting in your interest, not the sellers. 

How to choose an equestrian realtor

Additionally, I am sure you can understand the importance of working with an agent who owns horses and understands the needs of horses. 

So who should you choose?  It’s…

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Seller Occupancy After Closing 

  I want to tell everyone a little story about Occupancy After Closing and why it is so important from a buyer's position to have a written document.  Not to long ago, I represented a buyer who purchased a home in Hendersonville, Tennessee located in a popular lakeside community.  

Occupancy After Closing

 Because the seller was building a new home, part of their negotiations to my buyer was that they would like to occupy the home for 3 days after closing in hopes that their nearly finished new home would be ready to move in.

Get it In Writing!

My buyers agreed and we prepared an Occupancy After Closing document that we presented to the sellers and they agreed to sign.  Many times agents and buyers/sellers do not write up a…

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