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What's your home worth?

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Selling your home involves much more than just placing a "For Sale" sign in your yard and putting the listing in the MLS, especially in changing markets both sellers markets and buyers markets.

As a  Certified Residential Specialist®, I am here to help you prepare your home for sale, market your home, and guide you through the sale process to ensure you sell your home within your time frame and get the best price possible. If you are looking for a top  producing agent, you have found one! Be assured I can sell your home in the least amount of time and for the best price in Middle Tennessee!

As your REALTOR®, I will determine the correct price range for your home, point out things you should do to make your home more appealing to buyers, and devise the most effective plan of action. Here are some of the steps we will take to sell your home:

  • Review the selling process
  • Perform a comparative market analysis to determine your home's fair market value
  • Determine the list and target prices
  • Have my home staging consultant visit with you and recommend any needed staging, furniture placement, decluttering, helping with paint colors if needed and much more
  • Have professional photos, a walk thru video tour and drone photos and video taken 
  • Market your property with an aggressive marketing campaign that is custom designed for your needs
  • Internet Marketing will be key to your successful sale as more than 80% of buyers begin searching online.  Curb appeal is essential
  • Keep communication open and be available for any questions you may have
  • Coordinate showings for agents and their buyers and for buyers who call me directly
  • Present the purchase agreement,, and negotiate the best possible outcome to sell your home for the best possible price

Factors That Affect Your Home's Sale

There are five main factors that determine how marketable your home--price, financing, staging timing and choosing the right real estate professional.

Price - If your home is priced too high, you must be willing to wait much longer for your home to sell. Either it will take that much longer to find someone to pay more than the home is worth, or the market will eventually catch up to the asking price of the home through inflation.

Financing - You may not realize it, but the financing of your buyer can have a tremendous impact on the success of selling your home. Try to offer very attractive financing options by preparing your home for government financing such as FHA and VA loans. This could open the door for many buyers that otherwise wouldn't even consider your home.

Staging  How you present your home's curb appeal and interior online and when buyers arrive is critical to a faster sale and to net more proceeds.  Having a buyer be excited when they walk into your home is a critical aspect of selling.  Learn more about how staging will help the sale of your home.

Time - If your time frame is important then you must be willing to lower the price.

Choosing the Right REALTOR® -  Hiring the right agent is critical to a successful sale.  Be sure to select the agent who is willing to market and sell your home effectively.  There are many discount and limited service agents who will try to convince you to choose them.  Be sure to carefully compare when selling your home in a changing market.

How Much Should You Ask for Your Home?

Of course you want to get the full market value for your home. The first step to getting the best price is to determine your home's value. As your REALTOR®, I can help you set an asking price by taking the following factors into consideration:

  • Your home's value may depend on recent selling prices of comparable homes in your area. After reviewing the selling prices for such homes, the price is adjusted according to current market trends.
  • Buyers most likely look in the price range determined by their monthly payment ability and down payment. Buyers are often very knowledgeable in their price range and purchase by comparison. Unreasonable asking prices are an immediate turn-off.
  • Inviting a potential buyer to make an offer shows that you are willing to bargain. However, if your asking price is outrageous, the buyer's offer will most likely also be unreasonable.
  • It's necessary to offer pricing, terms and conditions that are competitive in your market. This will help you sell faster and get the full market value.

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