For Sale By Owner Safety Tips

For your own safety never set an appointment with anyone to see your home unless they have given you their name and number and you have called back to verify that number. An easy way to do this is to say, "Let me check with my husband/wife for the best time and I will call you back." Even if you are not married.

  • Never let potential buyers know your schedule. Don't ever tell them when you won't be at home, when your spouse will or won't be home, when you pick up the kids, when you work, when you will be on vacation, etc.

  • Never give a caller information about your home's security such as deadlock bolts, security systems, and so forth.
  • Always have a back-up plan when you allow strangers into your home, especially if you have children. Have a neighbor look out for you until the lookers have gone.

  • Never let a stranger into your house without seeing some identification. If the person says he/she is a real estate agent, ask for a card then call his/her office to verify the information if you don't recognize the person.

  • Keep a log of everyone who's looked at your house. Get their name, telephone number, address, car description, tag number, and any additional information that could be helpful in the event of a future burglary. All of these people would be suspects.

  • If you make a flyer to advertise your home, never include any information that might breech security.

  • Remove from sight all valuables including guns, jewelry, silverware, and collections. Recently there was an incident in South Florida where a couple was going around with someone calling themselves a real estate agent and stealing things from the houses they visited. The couple actually stole over $150,000 worth of valuables. We screen all potential buyers through a thorough pre-qualification process before we let anyone into a listed home.

  • Never leave strangers alone and watch their every move while they're in your home. One of the latest scams, according to Real Estate Today magazine involves prescription drugs. A nice looking, clean-cut couple will make an appointment to view your house. When they get inside, one of them will ask to use the bathroom and will search for prescription drugs while in there. There is a huge market for such drugs . Make sure your prescription drugs are well hidden before anyone looks at your home.