Sellers Window of Opportunity

Window of Opportunity

Don’t Chase the Market – Let the Market Chase You

The first time a buyer sees your home, it is called the Window of Opportunity. It is the best chance to create that first impression which will ultimately sell your home. It means that you have priced it right and are serious about selling.

  • If it is poorly priced, it loses its opportunity and doesn’t draw the buyers attention.
  • Once it gets written off, it isn’t easy to draw those agents or buyers back.
  • First impressions are lasting in their minds and are not easy to win back.
  • Even a series of price reductions or home improvements can fail to draw their attention.
  • Delaying proper pricing will eventually cost you time and money.
  • In a shifting market, the market becomes oversaturated with unsuccessful sellers who didn’t get the direction and speed correct.
  • As hard as it may be, you must be willing to accept the market conditions and the comparable sales.
  • Every seller believes that their house is worth more than the one down the street, but the buyer doesn’t.

What a house is worth, is the answer to a value question. What a house will sell for is an answer to a sales price question. You must be willing to accept the difference.

Remember, don’t chase the market – let the market chase you!

Excerpt from the book, "Shift" by Gary Keller