Choosing an Expert Equestrian REALTOR®

Some horse farm buyers often make the mistake of simply going with the real estate agent who is advertising a listing they’re interested in.  Or, you may have searched for a potential property and you somehow ended up speaking with a non-equestrian agent who offered to show you properties.  If you are a seller, you may find yourself in a difficult position of having a friend or family member who is a real estate agent, but lacks the knowledge of an equestrian REALTOR.  Without asking the right questions of the agent, you can soon find yourself shopping for horse properties with a REALTOR® who may not fully understand the needs of horses and horse owners. For the seller, not having an Equestrian REALTOR can literally mean the difference of a successful farm sale.

For buyers, who you choose to represent you is very important - you don’t have to use the listing agent to represent you.  Many times that listing agent is not an equestrian or an equestrian real estate specialist.  And, having a buyer's agent represent you, particularly one who specializes in equestrian property, will give you a representative who is acting in your interest, not the sellers. 

How to choose an equestrian realtor

Additionally, I am sure you can understand the importance of working with an agent who owns horses and understands the needs of horses. 

So who should you choose?  It’s always a good idea to interview several REALTORS® before selecting an agent.  Ask what professional designations he or she has, such as Accredited Buyer Representative or Certified Residential Specialist.  These designations indicate an agent has additional education to help serve you better.  Also, ask about their equestrian experience.  For instance does your agent understand grazing management or the driveway requirements for getting your horse trailer in and out and if you will be able to park your rig easily.  If you are selling, have you given thought to what a perspective buyer may be looking for?

Let me tell you a story.  Recently, I had an out of town equestrian client who wanted to see a horse farm in the Thompsons Station, TN area.  Since she could not get here quick enough, we decided to do a FaceTime showing.  I went to the property and planned to give her a call.  I arrived early so that I could look around and be sure the property was everything it appeared to be in the on-line listing.  I was very disappointed to see that the driveway was very narrow and there was absolutely no turn around area near the house or the barn.  The entire left side of the driveway at the house had a retaining wall and there was no way to drive around the back to get to the barn.  The topography to the front of the house slopped downward toward the street so again, no easy way to maneuver or park a horse trailer.  Apparently the sellers had two horses that never went anywhere so this was not a concern.  My client however, would be trailering on a regular basis so this was a big issue.  I showed her via FaceTime that the only way to park a trailer would be to park in front of the house(ugly) and only after bringing in considerable dirt and gravel to make a level parking place.  She ultimately decided that although she loved the surroundings, this property would not suit her needs.  

There is an experience level and expertise that an Equestrian REALTOR® can provide that other buyer's agents can not.  This story above is a perfect example of why choosing the right Equestrian REALTOR® is so important.

Whether you are buying or selling a horse property, here are some questions you might want to ask of a potential REALTOR®:

  • How much experience do you have with horse property, both buying and selling? 
  • How much knowledge do you have about the local equestrian real estate market?
  • Do you own horses?
  • How long have you been a REALTOR® in this area?
  • Do you have testimonials from past equestrian clients?
  • What kind of services do you provide?
  • Do you have a lender that can specifically provide farm financing? (Not all lenders will provide a mortgage on a property that has excessive value in the land, outbuildings, arenas, fencing, etc. compared to the house.) 

I'd be glad to answer these questions and any others you might have -

just give me a call or text me at 615-969-1460. Learn more about Kim and Rumba.

You can also request my E-book, How to Buy the Perfect Equestrian Property 

And if you are considering selling your farm,  please be sure to check out my client testimonials and other areas of my REAL ESTATE FOR HORSE LOVERS website for valuable information. 

For horse property buyers, be sure to search all Middle Tennessee Equestrian Properties at my website, REALESTATEFORHORSELOVERS

Finally,  check out Rumba' Story and how he became my mascot.

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